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for homeowners with an R-22 Air Conditioner to upgrade to an R-410a Air Conditioner.


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Please read important notice below to learn more about the R-22 phase-out.


Was your A/C installed prior to 2015?

If so, it is likely that your unit contains the dangerous refrigerant known as R-22 or Freon. R-22 refrigerant will no longer be able to be legally installed in A/C's as of the year 2020 due to the hazards it presents to the environment. The EPA released the following statement:

"If you have a home air conditioner that was manufactured before January 1, 2010, it probably uses a refrigerant called hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC)-22 (also known as R-22). Because HCFC-22 depletes the Earth’s protective ozone layer, EPA regulations are gradually reducing the production and use of this refrigerant. In fact, manufacturers can no longer make new air conditioners that use HCFC-22".

While R-22 A/C's were no longer manufactured after January 1, 2010, some companies still had many of these types of A/C's in stock, and continued to install them up until 2015. So even if your unit was recently installed after 2010, it still may have R-22 refrigerant.

Here at TruTec, we believe it is important to be transparent and trustworthy. For this reason, we have been talking about the R-22 phaseout since 2010, and have not stocked any R-22 units, and have only installed R-410a units. We will only be installing R-22 refrigerant through 2019. After that, we can only install the R-410a refrigerant. 

I have a unit with R-22 - now what?

If your A/C with R-22 breaks down and is low on refrigerant you still have some options:

  • If your unit is relatively new and has not had a history of breakdowns, we may be able to just add a few pounds of R-22 and have you back up and running. However, we will only be able to add R-22 to A/C's in the summers of 2018 and 2019. In 2020 it will be illegal to use R-22, and we may have to consider replacing your unit in case of a breakdown.

  • If your unit is older, we will likely recommend replacement as adding R-22 will soon not be an option, and it is likely that other breakdowns may occur. We don't want to see you investing money in and A/C that is not reliable.

  • It is important to note that installing R-410a in an R-22 unit is unsafe and your A/C will not work properly, if at all. It will also void the units warranty.

What are the advantages of installing an R410-a refrigerant A/C?

There are some major advantages of installing an R410-a unit before the year 2020:

  • We will typically be able to install a new A/C within a few days or less. In the summer of 2020 we are anticipating high levels of emergency installations (as there will be no option to install the R-22 refrigerant). This will likely cause HVAC companies across the nation to have wait times of up to several weeks to be able to install new air conditioners.

  • New A/C units are quieter and more energy efficient. This makes lounging outside on summer days more enjoyable - no more talking over the buzz of the A/C! - and makes paying the energy bill just a little less painful during those hot months.

  • We are currently offering a $250 discount for customers who are proactively replacing the R-22 units. We truly want our customers to be able to get ahead of the curve when it comes to the R-22 phaseout and not have to suffer through hot days with no A/C in 2020 during the "replacement rush".  We also believe that the R-22 phaseout is a positive change for our families and our environment.

If you have any questions about the R-22 phaseout feel free to give us a call - we will be happy to answer any questions! Also, our replacement estimates are charge-free and risk-free! 

Keep Cool this Summer,  

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